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Center Breakdown

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GuardForward – Center – Draft Kit Home

    Zach Randolph may have issues, but he also has game.

  1. Dwight Howard – He’s still the best center you’re gonna get and dominates in points, rebounds, blocks and FG percentage cats. Look for 20-12-1.5 and 3+ bpg.
  2. David Lee – If you wait for a center a bit longer in the draft, you’ll still get some mighty fine numbers from this guy. He will go nuts in the Warriors’ style of offense with Ellis and Curry on the other end of the pick-and-roll. 21-12-3 at the very least.
  3. Pau Gasol – The dude has dual eligibility and is healthy. Need we say more? He’ll be a double-double machine with Andrew Bynum out. He’ll get 19-11-3 and a block…maybe more.
  4. Brook Lopez – He had quite the season in 2009-2010 and he is looking to better his numbers. 20-10-2 with two blocks seems doable from the seven-foot stud.
  5. Zach Randolph – Another dual-eligibility bargain. This guy is beloved in Memphis, so he will be motivated to get ya 20-11-2.
  6. Al Jefferson – Big Al takes his game to Utah. Getting away from the triangle offense and into the capable passing hands of Deron Williams makes A-Jeff a bargain this season. He should give ya 19-10-1 with 1.5 bpg easily. Dual eligibility here too.
  7. Al Horford – He is undersized, but definitely puts up “best of the rest” type numbers with 15-10-2 and a block.
  8. Andrew Bogut – Oh, yeah. He’ll be hurt. He’ll miss time. But when he plays, he’s not too darn bad. 17-11-2.5 and two blocks is reasonable. He’d be ranked higher if not for the mandatory crutches he keeps in his car trunk.
  9. Marc Gasol – Gotta love this guy for the 15-10-2 he’ll give you from the middle draft round in which you’ll get him.
  10. Andrea Bargnani – A lot more is expected from AB with Bosh out of Toronto. I am going out on a limb and saying he can go 19-8-1 with a block if the PGs feed him the ball.
  11. Chris Kaman – With Blake Griffin putting up numbers for the Clippers, Kaman may do a bit less, but it’ll be enough to draft him in a late single-digit round. Whoever said 18-9-2 with two blocks was shabby?
  12. Andray Blatche – He finally got his chance last season and ran with it. This season should be even better. Look for the PF/C to go for 17-8-2 with a steal and two blocks. That’s a bit bold, but I like this guy a lot.
  13. Troy Murphy – Murphy should be poppin’ lots of threes with Darren Collison on board in Indy. 15-10-2 with nice percentages from the red-headed menace.
  14. Joakim Noah – When he’s healthy, he’s a beast with a high FG percentage to go along with 11-11-2 and 1.5 bpg. He is a double-double machine who won’t be stopped by the imminent arrival of Carlos Boozer.
  15. Yao Ming – He’s back til the next injury. I’m going against higher projections and saying 16-9-2 with a block is about what he can do in more limited minutes than we’re used to.
  16. Nene Hilario – I like his name, so for that alone, he is a guy to own. Throw in 14-8-2 and he is a serviceable #2 C for any fantasy team.
  17. Anthony Randolph – He’ll get a nice chunk of PT off the bench in NYC. If they stick with him 12-7-1 is the least he will do.
  18. Jason Thompson – May end up an afterthought in Sacto, but for now, Dalembert is hurt, so take an early flier. I project him at 10-6-1. More if he starts regularly.
  19. Roy Hibbert – If the Pacers play and stick with this guy, he might actually be taken seriously from a fantasy perspective someday… Look for 13-7-2 with two blocks in the year of improvement from the Pacers center.
  20. DeMarcus Cousins – The Kings really wanted this guy and are dedicated to him being a bi-time center in the NBA. How much PT he’ll get is a mystery at this point, but take a late flier, hold him, and assume by the time he gets his legs, he’ll be at least a 12-8-2 guy with a block per game.

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