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Forward Breakdown

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Guard – Forward – CenterDraft Kit Home

  1. Kevin Durant – He is not even two-thirds of the way to where he is going to get and his numbers should be better than last season. 32-8-4 with two steals, a block and great percentages make him #1 on draft day.
  2. Lebron James – Playing on a loaded Miami team, the scoring will go down, while everything else stays about the same. Expect Lebron to sacrifice a bit for a championship ring. 21-8-8 with a steal and good percentages sounds realistic.
  3. Dirk Nowitzki – Steady as ever, he’ll do what he always does. With the supporting cast on hand, there is less chance of him being double teamed. Look for 25-8-3.
  4. Carmelo Anthony – We have no idea where he’ll play yet, but he’ll be the #1 guy wherever he goes, so let’s say at least 27-7-4. This guy is a major stud.

  5. Look for Amare to throw down plenty now that he's been reunited with Mike D'Antoni.

    Amare Stoudemire -NYC belongs to Amare now, baby. His coach knows and loves him and he is the #1 option in the Big Apple. 24-10-2 with two blocks per game could be his best all-around season yet.

  6. Andre Iguodola – AI2 says he is gonna turn it up for the season ahead, to bring the best out of Evan Turner. When all is said and done, he usually has good numbers. Hope for 20-6-6, but if he does a little bit less than that, still be happy with where you drafted him.
  7. Danny Granger – With plantar fascitis, last season was not what owners expected for Granger, though his numbers were nice enough. Being fully healthy, expect a next-level breakout once again from DG. 26-5-4 with 1.5 spg and 1.5 bpg. If so, he’s a bargain at the spot he’s gonna get drafted.
  8. Pau Gasol – The dude has dual eligibility and is healthy. Need we say more? He’ll be a double-double machine at 22-11-3 with a block when Andrew Bynum out.
  9. Brandon Roy – If he stays healthy this season, he’ll be an awesome bargain where you draft him. When well, he puts up first round numbers. Since he is physically able right now, look for 22-5-6. But you may need to pray a bit.
  10. Chris Bosh – His numbers will go down a bit playing in Miami with Lebron and Wade, but for where you are drafting him, he is worthwhile. There is always the chance Wade misses time here and there and at that point, you will see more from C-Bosh. As a rule, you’ll get 17-11-3 with a block and a steal.
  11. Zach Randolph – Another dual-eligibility bargain. This guy is beloved in Memphis, so he will be motivated to get ya 20-11-2.
  12. Josh Smith – Not your typical PF and he does deal with a lot of injuries over a season, but does he fill up a stat sheet. This season should be no different. We expect a minimum of 16-8-3 with a steal and two blocks.
  13. Gerald Wallace – He is struggling in the preseason, but did you see what a healthy “Crash” Wallace did last season? Whoa! More please. Give us 19-9-3 with two blocks and a steal, if you will.
  14. Tim Duncan – This guy will never fade away. He is gonna keep doin’ what he does, only maybe for a few less mpg. 18-12-3 with 1.5 bpg is reasonable to expect.
  15. Al Jefferson – Another dual-eligibility guy who takes his game to Utah. Getting away from the triangle offense and into the capable passing hands of Deron Williams makes A-Jeff a bargain this season. He should give ya 19-10-1 with 1.5 bpg easily.
  16. Stephen Jackson – After coming over to Charlotte last season, Jackson raised his scoring to a career high. 20-5-4 potential and dual-position eligibility make him an attractive draft choice.
  17. David West – The thinking is that he plays better when without CP3, but there’s nothing to do about that. His 19-8-2 should be enough from where he goes in the draft, though.
  18. Antawn Jamison – With Lebron gone, expect the rock in AJ’s hands for shooting purposes… a lot. He should go back to his expected 21-9-2 with a steal.
  19. Rudy Gay – Rudy broke out last season. If you hope for the same 20-6-2 with a steal, you’re not crazy.
  20. LaMarcus Aldridge – If this guy ever breaks out, beware! In the meantime, expect the usual 18-8-2 with a block. If he does break out, it’s a big bonus.
  21. Kevin Love – With Jefferson out of Minny, there is more ball to Love, uhh… for Love.  16-11-2 at least. The way he is playing in preseason, maybe more.
  22. Paul Pierce – Not only is he still around in Boston, but he’s healthy this season. So if you look for 19-5-4 with a steal from the Celtic vet, you certainly are entitled.
  23. John Salmons – He’ll be considered a top scoring option in Milwaukee. If he can deal with that, the projected 19-5-4 will fill out many a stat sheet.
  24. Andrea Bargnani – A lot more is expected from AB with Bosh out of Toronto. I am going out on a limb and saying he can go 19-8-1 with a block if the PGs feed him the ball.
  25. Blake Griffin – Finally, Blake Griffin is ready to play. He is still a rookie and could be a damn fine one, as the Clippers look to him as an inside presence who will make Chris Kaman’s load lighter. He will start and hopefully maintain averages of 16-8-2 with a block.
  26. Carlos Boozer – Yeah, he’d be way higher up there if he wasn’t going to be out for at least two months. When he returns for Chicago, look for 19-11-3 with  steal.
  27. Andray Blatche – He finally got his chance last season and ran with it. This season should be even better. Look for the PF/C to go for 17-8-2 with a steal and two blocks. That’s a bit bold, but I like this guy a lot.
  28. Kevin Martin – Expect him to go back to his shooting ways if healthy, with 20-3-2.
  29. Jeff Green – He gets a little better every season. Now he just needs to be consistent. His 17-7-2 with a steal will be welcome.
  30. Troy Murphy – Murphy should be poppin’ lots of threes with Darren Collison on board in Indy. 15-10-2 with nice percentages from the red-headed menace.
  31. Luol Deng – We got more than expected from an injured Deng last season. 17-7-2 with a steal looks about right if he stays healthy. Don’t overlook him.
  32. Caron Butler – There are a lot of mouths to feed in Dallas, so don’t expect to see what you saw from C-But in DC. 15-5-3 with 1.5 spg should be the norm.
  33. Carl Landry – You gotta love this guy playing in Sacto. Expect at least 18-8-1 from the powerful forward.
  34. Trevor Ariza – With Brooks, Martin and Yao all playing, I don’t know what will be left over for Ariza. 14-6-3 with a couple of steals might be realistic, but look for the scoring percentage to be under 40 percent.
  35. Luis Scola – His numbers should be solid, but less with Yao back in the fold in Houston, but draft him and enjoy his 13-8-2.
  36. Danilo Gallinari – He will improve this season and give ya 16-5-2 with a nice percentage from the three-point line.
  37. Kevin Garnett – he is not what he was and he won’t go 80 games, but he isn’t being drafted that high anymore. I wouldn’t think badly of his projected 15-8-3 with a block and a steal.
  38. Hedo Turkoglu – He fits into the Suns’ running game and while he won’t be what he was in Orlando a couple seasons back, look for at least 14-4-4, with a chance for more.
  39. Michael Beasley – He could break out with his new team, but realistically expect 15-6-1.
  40. Paul Milsap – Milsap will now get a chance to start. His numbers have always been nice when he does, so let’s shoot for 12-8-2, with the potential for more.
  41. Wilson Chandler – There is a true PG in NYC now, not to mention Amare Stoudemire. The Knick coaches will employ a running game that suits Chandler’s style, so 15-5-2 is realistic if he stays on the Coach’s good side all season.
  42. Tayshaun Prince – Again I say that there isn’t a lot to go around in Detroit… especially by the time you get to Prince. Hope he can get 13-5-3.
  43. Anthony Randolph – He’ll get a nice chunk of PT off the bench in NYC. If they stick with him 12-7-1 is the least he will do.
  44. Lamar Odom – Until Andrew Bynum comes back, at least, Odom will start. He may stay the starter at PF all season. We like him for at least 11-8-3, but more when starting.
  45. Elton Brand – They may play small in Philly and put EB in at C. We hope for 13-6-1 with a block. More if he returns to some prominence.
  46. Rashard Lewis – He is not what he used to be, behind Dwight Howard and Vinsanity. Sometimes disappears for games at a time, but could be useful as an injury sub to your bench, I guess. Maybe he’ll give ya 13-4-2 with a steal.
  47. Jason Thompson – May end up an afterthought in Sacto, but for now, Dalembert is hurt, so take an early flier. I project him at 10-6-1. More if he starts regularly.
  48. Evan Turner – He is worth a pick in the late mid-rounds, as he could pay off big if Philly utilizes his talents. Expect 11-3-2 and hope for more if the 76ers play small with Elton Brand at center and Turner starting on the wing.
  49. Boris Diaw – He’ll continue to do a little of everything in Charlotte. 11-5-4 seems like his ol’ steady self.
  50. Al HarringtonSomebody had to be number 50. Expect 15-6-1 when he is healthy. He should miss the first two weeks of the season with injury.

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