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Guard Breakdown

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Guard – ForwardCenterDraft Kit Home

  1. Chris Paul – Nothing has changed for CP3, except he doesn’t have Darren Collison lurking around anymore… Look for more of what you’ve been used to from the PG master and hope he stays healthy all season. 20 points, 4 rebounds, 11 assists and a steal is the minimum to expect.
  2. Deron Williams – It would be nice if he stayed healthy, too. Only difference between Williams and Paul is that the former plays through the injuries more. 20-3-11 is a given.
  3. Kobe Bryant – His knee is banged up right now. He’ll get over it. When all is said and done, Kobe is always among the leaders in the fantasy rankings. His projected 27 points, 6 rebounds and 5 assists make him as much of a stud as ever.
  4. Dwayne Wade – C’mon… you know he’s gonna take a stats hit with Lebron (and Chris Bosh) on the team. He has a strained hammy and will miss much of training camp. He should lose scoring numbers, but if Lebron is shooting, the assists could come up. 21-4-8 is reasonable.
  5. Take Tyreke and enjoy a sweet sophomore season.

    Tyreke Evans – He is listed as a point guard, but will play the combo guard. He is a young Lebron James or Dwayne Wade clone, expected to do 22-6-6 with two steals per game.

  6. Derrick Rose – He should continue to improve this season. The Bulls are his team, especially with no Carlos Boozer in sight. 21-7-4 is realistic enough to make this guy a #1 guard on your team.
  7. Rajon Rondo – My favorite point guard,  cause he can really run the show. His game may change some when Shaq is in the lineup for the Celtics, however the 13-10-4 he will bring to the table will be an improvement over last season’s success.
  8. Russell Westbrook – This guy is scary cause he hasn’t even reached his potential yet. The Thunder is RW’s team to run and the assists will be there with all those hungry mouths to feed in the OKC. 16-8-5 can be expected, but watch out for a low FG percentage.
  9. Steve Nash – This guy is gonna keep doin’ what he has til the day he retires, cause if he couldn’t do it, he would retire. Amare is gone, but Nash still has shooters to feed the ball to, so 16-4-10, with good defensive stats to boot, is expected.
  10. Stephen Curry – Don Nelson is out of Oakland, so Curry shall no longer be stifled. 18-4-6 with a couple of steals a game is realistic.
  11. Andre Iguodola – AI2 says he is gonna turn it up for the season ahead, to bring the best out of Evan Turner. When all is said and done, he usually has good numbers. Hope for 20-6-6, but if he does a little bit less than that, still be happy with where you drafted him.
  12. Monta Ellis – Ellis, too, has been freed from the wrath of Don Nelson, who disliked this guy a lot. When healthy, this combo guard is on fire, no matter who is coaching. 23-5-6 looks right… maybe more.
  13. Brandon Roy – If he stays healthy this season, he’ll be an awesome bargain where you draft him. When well, he puts up first round numbers. Since he is physically able right now, look for 22-5-6. But you may need to pray a bit.
  14. Joe Johnson – Everything is status quo in Atlanta, so look for more of the 21-4-5 you’re used to from Double J.
  15. Brendan Jennings – He was darn good last season til he hit the rookie wall about 65 games in. Look for enough improvement to make him worth your while this season. He’ll have some good shooters to pass off to. 17-4-6 with some steals is expected.
  16. Baron Davis – B Diddy got into 75 games last season and looked good. No health guarantees with this guy ever. For the time he is around, expect 16-4-8 with a a couple of steals in hand.
  17. Raymond Felton – He is in the Big Apple now and should look good in the run-and-gun offense. Look for a stats’ spike at 15-3-7. It’s not out of the question that you’ll see more, though.
  18. Gilbert Arenas – Been burned with this guy. If his suspensions don’t get ya, his injuries might. But the potential for him playing alongside John Wall is exciting, so expect 20-3-6 if he stays healthy and manages not to shoot off his gun.
  19. Devin Harris – His stats are great if you can live with the fact he misses twenty games per season to injury. New Jersey has too exciting of a team to ignore their point guard, who should be good for 18-4-7 with a couple of steals, if he doesn’t break.
  20. Aaron Brooks – What a breakout season AB had last year. He will duplicate those numbers with 20-3-5 this season, especially if he and Yao run the ol’ pick-and-roll.
  21. Stephen Jackson – After coming over to Charlotte last season, Jackson raised his scoring to a career high. 20-5-4 potential and dual-position eligibility make him an attractive draft choice.
  22. Jason Kidd – He doesn’t score a lot anymore and his field percentage is low, but the 6 rebounds, 2 steals and 10 assists that go along with the 9 points make him a nice package.
  23. John Wall – Things are a mess in Washington, but they’re gonna give the team over to the rook, with Gilbert Arenas as his mentor? Wow… he’s been scoring well this preseason and 15-5-6 sounds right, with the potential for much more.
  24. Chauncey Billlups – We’re not sure if Carmelo will be his running mate in Denver any longer, but 17-3-6 is the minimum we’ll see from Chauncey. If Carmelo is gone, the scoring will go up. Billups also delivers the three-pointers if you’re looking for that.
  25. Tony Parker – He’s hurt right now… you surprised? 18-3-6 if he can stay healthy. If he doesn’t, he’ll be subject to the rehab whims of Coach Pops.
  26. Rodney Stuckey – If Tracy McGrady plays a lot, he’ll want the ball in his hands, but we’re not counting on T-Mac playing too much here. 17-6-4 with good steal stats for Stuckey.
  27. OJ Mayo – Spread the Mayo a little thicker. The Griz has little SG depth and OJ should play a lot. Look for at least 19-4-3… maybe more.
  28. Mo Williams – It’s a whole new world in Cleveland, and it is Mo’s for the taking. 18-3-6 looks right, with maybe more, if he can stay healthy.
  29. Darren Collison – I LOVE this guy. I started him when he was ballin’ in CP3’s absence. Now the show is his in Indiana, with Danny Granger, Troy Murphy, et al waiting to be fed the ball. 11-2-7 is a low-ball expectation.
  30. John Salmons – He’ll be considered a top scoring option in Milwaukee. If he can deal with that, the projected 19-5-4 will fill out many a stat sheet.
  31. Andre Miller – He is the #1 PG going into Portland’s regular season. He plays way better when Roy is hurt, but 15-3-6 with a steal is realistic if he stays out of his coach’s doghouse.
  32. Kevin Martin – Expect him to go back to his shooting ways if healthy, with 20-3-2.
  33. Manu Ginobli – He will be starting this season for San Antonio. Last year was his best season in a while. If he continues to perform so, he’ll be a solid value this far down.
  34. Caron Butler – There are a lot of mouths to feed in Dallas, so don’t expect to see what you saw from C-But in DC. 15-5-3 with 1.5 spg should be the norm.
  35. Vince Carter – Vinsanity hopes to gel better with Dwight Howard and Rashard Lewis this season and may well do so. He is not the Carter of old, but he is good for 17-4-4 with a nice shooting percentage.
  36. Eric Gordon – He really seems to take charge with his shooting when healthy. Look for 18-3-3 as the Clipper guard continues to improve his overall game.
  37. Jamal Crawford – Still a sixth man in the ATL, but he goes off big at times. 18-2-4 is what it will all average out to in the end.
  38. Trevor Ariza – With Brooks, Martin and Yao all playing, I don’t know what will be left over for Ariza. 14-6-3 with a couple of steals might be realistic, but look for the scoring percentage to be under 40 percent.
  39. Jrue Holliday – He is the #1 PG going into the season and getting triple-doubles in exhibition games, but he and Lou Williams will ultimately share time at PG. 11-3-6 with 1.5 spg might be the norm.
  40. Wilson Chandler – There is a true PG in NYC now, not to mention Amare Stoudemire. The Knick coaches will employ a running game that suits Chandler’s style, so 15-5-2 is realistic if he stays on the Coach’s good side all season.
  41. Richard Hamilton – There are a lot of mouths to feet in Detroit City. If Rip, gets his, and stays healthy, 16-3-4 is a valid projection.
  42. Jason Richardson – J-Rich could be a major factor in Phoenix with Amare gone. Invest in his potential and hope he can do better than my projected 16-3-2.
  43. Mike Conley – We keep waiting for him to break out, but I have the feeling 11-2-5 is about it for this guy, which isn’t that bad.
  44. Jason Terry – Keep in mind when you draft him that he is a sixth man on a loaded team. 15-2-3 is probably what you’ll see.
  45. Jameer Nelson – Since the big age ‘08 season, we have expected a lot from this guy, but never get it. 12-3-6 sounds right at the times when he actually stays healthy and playable.
  46. Ray Allen – Ray-Ray is still in Boston. There are a lot of guys who want the rock on this team, but Allen will have enough good nights to average 17-3-3.
  47. Jose Calderon – The Toronto team lacks direction without Bosh and Jarret Jack is always in the wings waiting to steal JC’s job,
    or at least some PT. Look for 10-2-6, but don’t be surprised if he somehow manages more.
  48. Evan Turner – He is worth a pick in the late mid-rounds, as he could pay off big if Philly utilizes his talents. Expect 11-3-2 and hope for more if the 76ers play small with Elton Brand at center and Turner starting on the wing.
  49. Beno Udrih – He is an undervalued source of assists. He should start at PG and be good for 12-3-6
  50. Jonny Flynn – When he comes back at November’s end, 15-2-5 with a steal should be expected, as he grows into the triangle offense.
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