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The Journal (7/14)

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July 14, 2011

Time for a quickie before the lineup deadline for week 15. Many fantasy owners despise the short week because they see luck as being a much bigger factor. Yes, luck does get magnified, but so too does the significance of each pitch and each swing. Thus, I actually enjoy the shorty. Here are some quick tips to go over as you confirm your lineup for this week.

Games played is key
Your players either have 3 or 4 games this week. Take that into consideration when making your tough decisions. I’d rather roll the dice on a reserve who has 4 games instead of a fringe starter with 3. That’s 33% more games played for the week!

Match ups are also key
Since no starters go twice, and some don’t even go once, you’ll want to go heavy on the pitchers who go up against weak offenses, like your San Diegos, Oaklands and Seattles. Of course, you’re going to start Jered Weaver and Felix Hernandez, no matter who they face. But if your second-tier guys are going up against the Yankees or Red Sox, you may want to opt for a reserve who has a kind match up. Sucks if you own Roy Halladay. He’s one of the few aces who’s missing Week 15 entirely.

Closers are a crapshoot
In my H2H points league, in which you can start any combo of starters and relievers, I opted to sit most of my closers who only have three games. It’s too much of a gamble to bank on them getting multiple save chances. Stoppers with 4 games are much safer choices.

Of course, in standard ESPN leagues, all this advice is out the window, as they combine the 3-4 games this week with next week’s slate to make one mega-period.

Alright, time to get this posted. But before I do. Here are a couple of vids to take you up to first pitch:

Try not to puke as you watch this vomit-inducing video of Tony Romo’s wedding. They spared no expense, except apparently on Tony’s haircut. Why do all NFL quarterbacks have terrible hair? Is it because they’re usually wearing a helmet? Think about it…The Mannings, Roethlisberger, Chad Pennington. Those guys all look like the ran into lawnmowers.

UGH! I guess not. Seems the video is no longer available. I guess they pulled it down because it paints Romo as a bit of a girly man. You’ll have to settle for this still photo and take my word for it that it’ll make you feel sicker than Melissa McCarthy in the wedding dress shop scene in Bridesmaids.

But there’s still this. The highlight of Wednesday night’s ESPY Awards wasn’t part of the show at all. It was this Kenny Powers spot for K-Swiss:


Best wishes for the short week,

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